Why people who get out of the train get an honorary hedge

People who ever travel by train have undoubtedly experience this: the rows of people who form an honor for train passengers who leave the train.

“There are several reasons for this use”, explains mobility policy professor Bert Bokhoven. “Often people on the platform want to express with an honorary hedge how much admiration they have for the imperturbability that you have to make to keep your bag next to you in the train. It is also a way to reflect on the fact that so few people are beaten to death in the silence compartment. And of course, the honorary hedge is a form of respect for the fact that travelers sometimes have the time to politely nod no to a rail cater who earlier minutes through the intercom forgiven your concentration by smearing over bifi sausages. “

The fact that the tribute is greater during the rush than outside is logical according to Bokhoven: “There are more honorable travelers in shorter trains on their phones. The people are out for so many nobles. “

Some times it seems, however, that people are breaking through the honorary hedge to push back outgoing train laureates to board the train themselves. According to Bokhoven, this should not be seen as a sign of disrespect: “Those people find it so special that you have been in that train, that they can not control themselves to feel your warm chair. They hope that your fame will shine on them and that they will enforce that they will be welcomed in 25 minutes on Amsterdam Amstel with an honorary hedge. “

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