This man represent the climate change ‘we have a common enemy’

This is Climate change. A man who is actually called Pieter and whom we have hired to represent a gigantic widespread phenomenon. In this way we can more easily commit together to prevent that bastard.

Climate change has killed thousands of people in the Caribbean and Asia this year, and he is also starving out small polar bears. And just watch out! Because climate change comes this way. We may just be safe, but that bastard is stuck with its dirty bats on our sons and daughters. Because those who can defend themselves the worst, he prefers. This is how Climate Change is rolling.

And Climate Change also has no respect for our traditions. Elfstedentocht? Forget it. Zealand? He would rather disappear as soon as possible. Tasty baking in the sun? If it is up to Climate Change you can get the cancer. What one man can not all do. Climate change: what a dick.

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It is nauseating that we just let him go. Ideally, we would naturally drive a bullet through its head, but then we would lower to its level. We have to do what Climate Change hates most: emit very little CO2 and be economical with raw materials and water. You can make him very angry if you do not fly to the Dominican Republic every year for a few hundred euros. Eating less meat – you should see his face.

The very – very worst thing we can do about climate change is when politics and business take their responsibility. If we no longer let the survival of the planet depend on individual choices but organize society in such a way that our collective well-being is given priority in the long term, then Climate Change will keep its gore mouths.

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