Stan Lee of Marvel Has Passed Away

The American comics author Stan Lee, in this universe one of the creators of Iron Man and Spiderman (Marvel), passed away yesterday. “The Stan Lee that we know, on Earth 616, has left us”, let his daughter know. “But we take comfort from the idea that the thousands of Stan Lees still live in the rest of the multiverse and continue to make films.”

According to Comic company Marvel, there are no plans to take Stan Lees from other timelines to our reality for a crossover. “Stan Lee will make a cameo one more time at his own funeral, but after that it’s really over,” says Marvel, the company that Lee set up himself. “Our Stan Lee will not comeback. His death is final. “

According to rumors, however, Lee’s mustache and glasses were found by a girl who is about to become the new incarnation of the script writer. Fans speculate that Marvel will just introduce a new Stan Lee at the next Comic-Con, but then as a woman.

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