Top 8 Ironic/Sharpy Moments

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term “irony” originates in early 16th century from the Greek word εἰρωνεία, meaning “simulated ignorance”. There are three major sections of irony usage: verbal, dramatic and situational. Verbal irony is when the opposite of what is meant is said. It is commonly encountered on a daily basis in familiar conversations. The dramatic irony is evident in such story-telling forms as plays, books and cinema, and requires that at least one character doesn’t know something that is clear to all of the other characters as well as the reader/viewer.

1:  TNT: Sure we can not! 

2: Invisible Spray

3: Unbreakable

Who uses DVD’s these days? We have Netflix..

4: NO with you!

5: Sticky Fry Pan

6: We all know this packaging 

7: You are welcome!

8: Page 2 of 2: Please Consider The Environment!

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