Finally Uber on The Train Track!

Uber goes on train track for the first time in London.

White Train Uber

Are you also tired of being dependent of the train in the morning and on the end of the day?

Sharpynews got some good news for you! The popular taxi service Uber goes on the train track. Starting today you just message a Uber railway guard. If you have to go from King’s Cross to  Victoria in London.
You get your own train, without all the irritating passengers. You are done with the passengers who are calling with their so call ‘BFF’ aka Best Friend Forever or the smelly man next to you.

The 22 years old Kate Taylor was waiting for this app since she was 17 years old. Her daddy has enough money and she dislikes social contacts. She is whey to busy with maintaining all their social contacts. With using the new Uber Train app she can finally send Facebook messengers to their new friend in peace. Her new friend called Michael Brown who has a lot of cars, cryptocurrencies and wears a suit every day. Actually she is talking with a 35 years old man who doesn’t have a job, but now with the Uber Train app there is no one who can tell her that.

Uber Train is also a big change for the 55 years old Steven Smith. “When I heard that Uber Train was coming to the UK, I immediately sold my car, quitted my job and started to work for myself.  I deserve better than having an office job from 9 to 5, now I can determine my own timetable. Tomorrow I will drive from Paddington to Westminster, now I can finally see something of all the green in London. Maybe I’ll go to station St James’s Park tomorrow, who knows”

The press officer of Great Western Railway and Heathrow Express are less enthusiastic about the new rail provider. Heathrow Express speaks of an unfair competitive advantage: “Uber Train machinist do not follow the correct rules as our own drivers. They will use second-hand train, sometimes without a roof and will charge you extra for the ‘luxury edition’ of a train. We already saw some trains without properly working breaks and they don’t have any delays like us”

A student of CityUniversity London told us already that he doesn’t know what an Oyster card isanymore.

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